Umami Broth


1 Litre Boiling Water

1-2 teaspoons Umami Powder (to taste)


Simply pour boiling water over the umami powder to get a super flavourful broth- great to drink as a warming soup or add to your favourite dishes.

Think risottos, slow braised meat and soups.

Shiitake Udon

This recipe is highly adaptable to your liking- get creative! You can add all kinds of meat, vegetables and herbs to make a quick and easy mid-week meal.

Ingredients (2 serves)

500ml Umami Broth

2 portion frozen udon

1 block semi-firm tofu (cubed)

200g sliced shiitake


Sesame oil


Start by sautéing the mushrooms lightly in some neutral oil, put aside.

Cook the udon according to package instructions- then strain into a bowl.

Place the cubed tofu and mushrooms over the udon and pour the hot Umami Broth on top.

Garnish with sesame oil and furikake.